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Will of William Leaver


  • 100: Farmer, Grazier, Yeoman


Yeoman of Mays Farm

Document reference: ORO MSS Oxon Wills 140/1/14
First date: 07 August 1736
Probate date: 01 October 1736
Probate court: Watlington

Executors, Witnesses and Court Officials etc.

Executrix: Mary Leaver
(Wife of testator)
Executor: Robert Leaver
(Son of testator)
Witness: Cornelius Norton
Witness: Elizabeth Haywad
Witness: Mary West
Court Official: George Rye
(D.D. Archdeacon of Oxon)


To: Mary Leaver (Wife)

I give to my wife Mary [Leaver] for the term of her natural life my rents (amounting to about twenty pounds and ten shillings a year) from lands in South Moreton in Berkshire and other freehold estate. After her death I give this to my son Robert Leaver and his lawfully-begotten heirs. In the absence of such Issue I give this and other freehold estate not settled on my son's marriage to my kinsman William Finmore of South Moreton, maltster.

Bequest Types

Location of property


To: Mary Leaver; Robert Leaver (Wife)

I give to my wife and Son Robert in equal shares all my household goods, cattle, corn, grain, stock, chattels and other personal estate

Bequest Types



0001: In the name of God Amen I William Leaver of Mays Farm in the County of Oxon Yeoman
0002: being indisposed as to my bodily health but of sound and disposing mind and Understanding praised be
0003: God do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in writing in manner and form following First
0004: I com[m]end my Soul to God who gave it and my Body I com[m]it to the Earth to be decently buried by my Executors
0005: And as touching my temporal Estate I give and dispose thereof as followeth In the First place I Will &
0006: Order that all my just Debts be with all convenient speed paid and satisfied by my Executors out of my
0007: Stock and Personal Estate, & I confirm as much as in me lyeth the Settlement by me lately made on
0008: the Marriage of my Son Robert Leaver. In the next place I do give and devise unto my Dear and
0009: loving Wife Mary for and during the term of her natural life All and every my Quitrents or Fee farm
0010: rents (amounting to Twenty pounds and ten shillings a year or thereabouts) issuing out of divers lands
0011: Tenem[en]ts and p[re]misses in South Moreton in the County of Berks, and other my Freehold Estate w[here]soever And from
0012: and immediately after her Decease I give and devise the same unto my said Son Robert Leaver and the heirs
0013: of his Body lawfully begotten and to be begotten And for default of such Issue I do give and devise the
0014: same Quitrents or Fee farm rents, & other my Freehold Estate by me not setled on my said Sons marriage,
0015: unto my Kinsman William Finmore of South Moreton aforesaid Malster To hold to him the said William
0016: Finmore and to his heirs and Assigns for ever from and after the decease of my said Wife, and of my said
0017: Son Robert without Issue as aforesaid. I give and bequeath unto my said Wife, and Son Robert, to be
0018: equally parted and divided between them, after payment of my Debts, and Funeral and Testamentary
0019: Expences, All and singular my Household Goods household stuffe Cattle Corn Grain Stock Chattells and
0020: Personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever And I do make nominate and appoint my said Wife and
0021: Son Robert joint and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament And hereby revoking all former
0022: Wills by me made do declare this to be my last Will only In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my
0023: hand and seal the Seventh day of August in the tenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King
0024: George the second And in the year of our Lord God One thousand seven hundred and thirty six.
0026: Will[iam] Leaver
0028: Signed sealed published and Declared by the Testator
0029: to be his last Will and Testament in the p[re]sence of us who
0030: subscribed our names as Witnesses in his p[re]sence & at his
0031: request & in the p[re]sence of each Other.
0033: Cornelius Norton
0034: Elizbeth haywad
0035: The mark X of Mary West

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