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Will of William Clowes


  • 027: Physician, Surgeon, General Practitioner
  • 207: Chemist, druggist


Surgeon and Apothecary of Henley upon Thames

Document reference: TNA PROB 11/1142
First date: 28 August 1776
Probate date: 18 May 1786
Probate court: London

Executors, Witnesses and Court Officials etc.

Executrix: Mary Clowes
(also wife of William Clowes)
Witness: Thomas Cooper
Witness: J Owen
Court Official: Thomas Bever
Court Official: Peter Calvert


To: Mary Clowes (Wife)

I give to my wife Mary Clowes all my properties.

Bequest Types


To: Mary Clowes (Wife)

I give to my wife Mary Clowes all my money, securities, bonds, debts, government securities, plate, linen, wearing apparel and all other personal estate.

Bequest Types



0001: In the Name of God Amen
0002: I William Clowes of Henley upon Thames in the County of
0003: Oxford Surgeon and Apothecary being in good health of Body
0004: and of sound disposing mind memory and understanding
0005: do make and ordain my last Will and Testament in
0006: manner following (that is to say) First I commend my Soul
0007: into the hands of Almighty God who gave it and my
0008: Body I commit to the Earth to be decently Interred at
0009: the discretion of my Executrix herein after named and as
0010: to such Worldly Estate and effects wherewith it hath
0011: pleased God to bless me I dispose thereof as follows First
0012: I Give devise and Bequeath unto my beloved Wife
0013: Mary Clowes all and every my Messuages or Tenements
0014: Lands Hereditaments and Premises whatsoever and wheresoever
0015: whereof I am possessed or any ways intitled unto to hold the
0016: same and every part thereof unto and to the use of my
0017: said Wife Mary Clowes her Heirs and Assigns for ever
0018: To and for her and their own use and benefit also I
0019: Give and Bequeath unto [↑her] my said Wife Mary Clowes all
0020: my Ready Money securities for Money Bonds debts Government
0021: securities Plate Linen Wearing Apparel and all other my
0022: Personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever and
0023: of what nature or kind soever To hold the same and every
0024: Part thereof unto and to the use of her my said Wife
0025: Mary Clowes her Executors Administrators and Assignees for
0026: ever To and for her and their own use and benefit and
0027: I do hereby make Ordain Constitute and Appoint her my
0028: said Wife Mary full and Sole Executrix of this my
0029: Will and Lastly I do hereby revoke and make void all
0030: former and other Will and Wills by me at any time
0031: heretofore made and I do declare this only to be my
0032: true last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I the
0033: said William Clowes the Testator have hereunto set my
0034: hand and Seal this twenty eighth day of August in the
0035: Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy
0036: six
0038: Will[ia]m Clowes [Seal]
0040: Signed sealed Published and declared by
0041: the said William Clowes the Testator as and for his his last
0042: Will and Testament in the Presence of us who in his Presence
0043: and at his request and in the Presence of each other
0044: have subscribed our names as Witnesses hereunto
0046: T Cooper
0047: J Owen
0048: Thomas Cooper Jun[io]r

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