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Will of Joseph Freeman


  • 218: Maltster
  • 399: General shopkeeper, dealer


Maltster, Shopkeeper of Henley upon Thames

Document reference: TNA PROB 11/1311
First date: 14 April 1795
Probate date: 18 August 1798
Probate court: London

Executors, Witnesses and Court Officials etc.

Executrix: Mary Harman
Relationship: Niece
Witness: Henry Allnutt
Witness: William Brooks
Court Official: William Wynne


To: George Freeman, William Freeman, James Freeman, Elizabeth Harman, Mary ?Freeman (See text)

I give to my brothers and sisters George, William, James, Elizabeth and Mary, thirty pounds each to be paid them by my Executrix within twelve months after my death. If any of them should happen to die before me then I give that legacy to his, her or their children. Should any of my brothers or sisters should die before me not having any children  then I give their share to be equally between such surviving brothers and sisters.

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To: Henry Freeman (Brother)

I give to my brother Henry during the term of his life, the interest and dividends from one hundred and fifty pounds stock that I have in the funds at the Bank of England. Immediately after my said brother Henry's death, I give the said capital stock of one hundred and fifty pounds to my nephew Joseph Freeman, son of my brother James

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To: George Freeman; William Freeman; James Freeman; Henry Freeman (Brothers)

Also I give to my brothers George, William, James, and Henry all my wearing apparel - hats, wigs, coats, waistcoats, breeches, stockings, shoes, buckles, shirts, cravats and handkerchiefs and also my watch to be equally divided between them. In case of the death of any of them I give that share to the survivors equally

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To: Mary Harman (Niece)

I give to my niece Mary Harman, for her life, the use and income of all my household furniture, beds and bedding, goods, chattels, fixtures in the shop and house, and any other effects not already disposed of.  After her death all my household furniture, goods, chattels and effects to go to my brothers and sisters then living, equally.  All the residue of my estate, money, stock in trade, shop goods I give to my niece and at my niece's death she should have household furniture liene beds and bedding in the house to an amount of forty pounds    

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0001: I Joseph Freeman
0002: of Henley upon Thames in the County of Oxford Malster and
0003: Shopkeeper being in good health of body and of sound and
0004: disposing mind memory and understanding do make
0005: publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament
0006: in manner and form following (that is to say) I Give and
0007: bequeath unto my Brothers and Sisters George William
0008: James Elizabeth and Mary the Sum of Thirty pounds
0009: each of lawful money of Great Britain to be paid them
0010: by my Executrix hereinafter named within twelve months
0011: after my decease and in Case either of them should
0012: happen to die before me Then I give and bequeath the
0013: share of him her or them so deceased unto his her or
0014: their Children equally if more than one and if but one
0015: to that one only But in Case any or either of my said
0016: Brothers or Sisters as aforesaid shall happen die
0017: before me not leaving any Child Then I give and
0018: bequeath the share of such deceased Brother or Sister
0019: as aforesaid unto the Survivor of them equally to be
0020: divided between such Survivors share and share alike
0021: Also I give and bequeath unto my Brother Henry
0022: for and during the term of his natural life the
0023: Interest dividends produce and profits of One hundred
0024: and fifty pounds Stock that I have in the Funds in 
0025: the four per Cent reduced Annuities transferable at
0026: the Bank of England to be paid by my Executrix
0027: hereinafter named to my said Brother Henry for and
0028: during the term of his natural life yearly within One
0029: month after the Interest and dividend on the said
0030: Stock becomes due and payable at the Bank the first
0031: payment thereof to be made on such of the said
0032: days as shall first and next happen after my
0033: decease and from and immediately after my said
0034: Brother Henrys decease I give and bequeath the
0035: said Principal or Capital Stock of One hundred and
0036: fifty pounds unto my Nephew Joseph Freeman Son of
0037: my Brother James his Executors Administrators
0038: and Assigns Also I give and bequeath unto my
0039: Brothers George William James and Henry All my
0040: Wearing Apparel (that is to say) Hats, Wigs, Coats
0041: Waistcoats Breeches Stockings Shoes Buckles Shirts
0042: Cravats and Handkerchiefs and also my Watch to be
0043: equally divided between them share and share alike
0044: And in Case of the decease of either of them I give
0045: and bequeath the share of such one deceased unto
0046: the Survivors equally between them share and
0047: share alike and the use Interest produce and profits
0048: of all and singular my Household Furniture Beds
0049: Bedding Sheets Linen of all kinds and sorts Blankets
0050: Coverletts Quilts Goods Chattels Fixtures in the Shop and
0051: House and other my Effects not hereinbefore by me
0052: disposed of I give and bequeath unto my Niece Mary
0053: Harman for and during the term of her natural life
0054: and from and immediately after her decease I give
0055: and bequeath All my said Household Furniture Goods
0056: Chattels and Effects unto my Brothers and Sisters who
0057: shall be then living equally between them share and
0058: share alike And all the rest residue and remainder of
0059: my personal Estate Money Stock in Trade Shop Goods
0060: Debts Chattels and Effects after payment of the above
0061: mentioned Legacies just debts Funeral and Testamentary
0062: expences I give and bequeath unto my said Niece
0063: Harman her Executors Administrators and Assigns And
0064: as my said Niece Mary Harman hath lived with me
0065: a great number of years and assisted me very much
0066: in getting what I am now possessed of It is my desire
0067: and wish that she shall live in the House I now live
0068: in and carry on the Shop Business and any other
0069: business therein and that none of my Brothers or
0070: Sisters will interrupt molest or disturb her in the
0071: enjoyment and possession thereof And I hereby direct
0072: that my said Niece Mary Harman should have at
0073: her decease Household Furniture Linnen Beds
0074: Bedding and Effects in the House to the amount of
0075: Forty pounds And Lastly I do hereby nominate
0076: constitute and appoint my said Niece Mary Harman
0077: full and Sole Executrix of this my last Will and
0078: Testament hereby revoking and making void all
0079: former and other Will and Wills by me at any
0080: time heretofore made and I do hereby declare this
0081: to be my [↑only true] last Will and Testament In Witness
0082: whereof I the said Joseph Freeman the Testator have
0083: to this my last Will and Testament contained in
0084: two sheets of paper to the first sheet hereof set my
0085: hand and to this second and last my hand and
0086: seal the fourteenth day of April in the year of our
0087: Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety
0088: five
0089: The mark X of Joseph Freeman [Seal]
0090: Signed Sealed published and declared by the said
0091: Joseph Freeman the Testator as and for his last Will
0092: and Testament in the presence of us who in his
0093: presence at his request and in the presence of
0094: each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses
0095: thereto
0096: Henry Allnutt Att[orne]y Henley Oxon
0097: W[illia]m Brooks

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