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Will of Francis Fipps


  • 089: Bargeman, Lighterman, Waterman


Boatmaster of Henley upon Thames

Document reference: TNA PROB 11/533
First date: 23 March 1713/4
Probate date: 22 June 1713
Probate court: London

Executors, Witnesses and Court Officials etc.

Witness: Daniel Wyett
Witness: William Deoven
Witness: Thomas Floyd
Executor: Charles Bridgstocke
(Son-in-law of the testator, jointly with Edward Rockall)
Executor: Edward Rockall
(Son-in-law of the testator, jointly with Charles Bridgstocke)
Court Official: Henry Penrice
(Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the Court of Canterbury)
Court Official: Charles Hedges
(Doctor of Laws of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Knight)


To: John Fipps; William Fipps (Sons)

I give all my estate to my two sons John Fipps and William Fipps to be equally devided between them.  

Bequest Types


To: William Fipps (Son)

I will that my son John Fipps shall at his own cost for the term of the apprenticeship of his brother William Fipps provide for his brother all those things I am now contractually obliged to provide him  

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0001: In the Name of God Amen
0002: I Francis Fipps of Henley upon Thames in the County of Oxon
0003: Boatemaster doe make ordaine and declare this to be my last
0004: Will and Testament in manner following Impr[im]is I will and
0005: desier That all such debts and moneys that I justly owe to
0006: any person or persons whatsoever shall be well and truely paid
0007: out of my reall and personall Estate which I now have by my twoe
0008: Executors herein after named By way of mortgage or otherwise
0009: of my said reall and personall Estate or otherwise as my said
0010: Two Executors in their discretions shall think most proper for the
0011: payment thereof hereby ratifying and confirming by these
0012: presents all and whatsoever my said Executors shall think fitt
0013: and most proper to be done for the good benefitt and advantage
0014: of my Twoe Sonns herein after named and payment of my afores[ai]d
0015: debts and im[m]ediately after my said debts and Sum[m]e and Sum[m]es
0016: of money which I doe now justly owe to any person or persons
0017: whatsoever and my funerall charges and expences paid and
0018: discharged I give devise and bequeath all my said Freehold
0019: reall and personall Estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto my
0020: Twoe Sonns John Fipps and William Fipps and to their Heirs
0021: and Assignes for ever To be equally devided between them
0022: share and Share alike in every perticuler by my Two Execut[o]rs
0023: Item I will that my said Sonn John Fipps shall and will at his
0024: owne proper Costs and charges dureing the whole time and
0025: terme of the apprenticeship of his brother William Fipps my
0026: said Sonn provide and give unto his said brother all such
0027: things and apparrell as I the said Francis Fipps am oblidged
0028: to give provid and allow unto him by certaine Indentures or
0029: other writings and that without any allowance or account
0030: hereafter to be had made or rendred for the same and I doe
0031: hereby make and ordaine my Two Sons in Law Charles Bridgstocke
0032: and Edward Rockall my full and Sole Executors of this my last will
0033: and Testament and for what charges and expences soever they
0034: my said Executors shall happen to be put unto or lay out and
0035: expend by reason of this my said Will and Testament I will
0036: that the same shall bee reducted paid agained and allowed out
0037: of my said reall & Personall Estate unto them and I doe hereby
0038: revoke all former wills and Testaments by me att any time
0039: heretofore made and doe publish and declare this to bee my last
0040: will and Testament In testimony whereof I the said Francis
0041: Fipps have to this my last Will and Testament put my hand
0042: and Seale the three and Twentieth day of March in the twelfth
0043: yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lady Anne by the Grace
0044: of God of Great Brittaine France and Ireland Queene Defender of
0045: the Faith &c Annoq[u]e D[omi]ni 1713
0047: The marke of Francis Fipps
0049: Signed Sealed published and Declared as and for the last will and
0050: Testament of the s[ai]d Francis Fipps in the p[re]sence of us (who have
0051: attested y[e] same) in the p[re]sence of the said Testator
0053: William ?Deoven
0054: Daniell Wyett
0055: Tho[mas] Floyd

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