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Will of Elizabeth Phillips


  • 414: Status only, no stated occupation. Use for Widow, Gentleman, Esquire, Indweller etc., if no occupation is given.


Widow of Henley upon Thames

Document reference: TNA PROB 11/1053
First date: 17 December 1777
Probate date: 15 May 1779
Probate court: London

Executors, Witnesses and Court Officials etc.

Executor: Joseph Norris
Relationship: Nephew
Witness: Hester Plommer
Witness: George Robinson
Court Official: Francis Simpson
Court Official: Peter Calvert


To: Mary Norris (Niece)

To my niece, Mary Norris, thirty pounds and one third share of my clothes

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To: Jemima Norris (Niece)

To my niece, Jemima Norris, thirty pounds and one third share of my clothes

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To: Elizabeth Norris (Niece)

To my niece, Elizabeth Norris, thirty pounds and one third share of my clothes. Also my watch; silk gown; largest mirror; mahogany dining table; white quilt; one pair of best sheets; silver punch ladle; six silver tea spoons and a pair of silver tongs.

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To: Joseph Norris (Niece)

To my nephew, Joseph Norris, the rest and residue of my personal estate; all monies, household furniture and plate

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0001: This is the Last Will and Testament
0002: of me Elizabeth Phillips of Henley upon Thames in the County of
0003: Oxford Widow (that is to say) First I give and bequeath to my
0004: Nieces Mary Norris Jemima Norris and Elizabeth Norris
0005: the Sum of Thirty Pounds a piece of lawful Money of
0006: Great Britain to be paid to them by my Executor herein
0007: after named within Three Months after my decease and
0008: if either or any of them shall happen to die before her or
0009: their Legacy shall become due and payable then the Legacy
0010: or Legacies of her or them so dying shall go [↑to] and be equally
0011: divided between the Survivors or Survivor Also I give and
0012: bequeath to my Niece the said Elizabeth Norris my Watch
0013: my flowered Silk Gown my largest looking Glass a Mahogany
0014: dining Table a white Quilt one pair of my best Sheets and
0015: a Silver punch Ladle to be delivered to her immediately after
0016: my decease I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of
0017: my wearing Apparel both Linen and Woollen to such of my
0018: said Nieces as shall be living at my death equally to be
0019: divided between them Share and Share alike and all the rest
0020: and residue of my Personal Estate Monies Securities for
0021: Money Household Furniture Plate (except Six Silver Tea
0022: Spoons and a pair of Silver Tea Tongs which I hereby
0023: give and bequeath to the said Elizabeth Norris) and all
0024: other my Personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever
0025: after payment of my Just Debts I hereby give and
0026: bequeath to my Nephew Joseph Norris To hold to him
0027: his Executors Administrators and Assigns and I nominate
0028: and appoint the said Joseph Norris full and Sole Executor
0029: of this my Will hereby revoking and making void all
0030: former Will and Wills by me made and do declare this
0031: and this only to be my true last Will In Witness whereof
0032: I the said Elizabeth Phillips the Testatrix have to this my
0033: last Will set my hand and Seal the Seventeenth day of
0034: december in the year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred
0035: and Seventy Seven
0037: Eliz[abeth] Phillips [Seal]
0039: Signed Sealed Published
0040: and declared by the said Elizabeth Phillips the Testatrix as
0041: and for her last Will and Testament in the Presence of us
0042: who in her presence at her request and in the presence of
0043: each other have subscribed our names as Witness thereto
0045: Hester Plommer
0046: Geo[rge] Robinson

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