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Will of Elizabeth Duncomb


  • 414: Status only, no stated occupation. Use for Widow, Gentleman, Esquire, Indweller etc., if no occupation is given.


Widow of Henley upon Thames

Document reference: TNA PROB 11/1046
First date: 21 July 1775
Probate date: 23 October 1778
Probate court: London

Executors, Witnesses and Court Officials etc.

Executor: William Toovey
Witness: James Orme
Witness: Samuel Toovey
Court Official: Peter Calvert


To: John Hobbs; Mrs Hobbs; Mrs Moreton

I give to Mrs Hobbs of Watlington, widow; to her daughter the wife of [blank] Moreton and to Mr John Hobbs of Watlington, shoemaker, ten pounds each but if any of them should die before me then that legacy will not be paid but will lapse.

Bequest Types


To: James Barker (Brother)

I give to my brother James Barker during his natural life an annuity or yearly sum of eight pounds, to be paid by two equal half yearly payments, the first payment to commence at the expiration of the first six months from the day of my death.

Bequest Types


To: William Toovey

All the rest and residue of my estate I give to William Toovey of Henley upon Thames, gentleman, charged with the payment of the legacies and annuity.

Bequest Types



0001: In the Name of God Amen
0002: I Elizabeth Duncomb of Henley upon Thames in the
0003: County of Oxford Widow being infirm in body but of
0004: sound and disposing mind memory and understanding
0005: and knowing the certainty of death but not knowing
0006: the certain time thereof Do make and declare my last
0007: Will and Testament in manner and form following
0008: that is to say In the first place I desire to be buried
0009: in a Leaden Coffin and in every respect agreeable
0010: to the manner my late Husband John Duncomb was
0011: buryed and to be deposited in the same Vault with
0012: my Husband And I do direct that my Executors
0013: herein after named shall cause the Vault to be
0014: covered with a black stone on which shall be
0015: inscribed the Names of me and my said Husband And
0016: for that purpose my Executor
0017: [↑shall cause brickwork to be erected upon the said Vault
0018: in such manner as he my said Executor] shall think proper in
0019: order to fix the same stone upon Item I desire that
0020: all my just Debts be fully paid and satisfied Item I
0021: give and bequeath unto Mrs Hobbs of Watlington in
0022: the same County Widow and unto her Daughter the
0023: Wife of [left blank] Moreton of the same place and unto Mr
0024: John Hobbs of Watlington aforesaid Shoemaker the
0025: Sum of ten Pounds apiece of lawful Money of Great
0026: Britain but in case either of them shall happen to
0027: depart this Life before the time of my decease Then
0028: the Legacy of him her or them so dying shall not be
0029: paid but be considered as lapsed Item I give and
0030: bequeath unto my Brother James Barker during the
0031: term of his natural Life One annuity or clear yearly Sum
0032: of Eight Pounds of lawful Money of Great Britain to be
0033: paid and payable by two equal half yearly Payments
0034: the first Payment to commence at the Expiration of the
0035: first six months from the day of my death All the Rest
0036: and Residue of my Estate and Effects of what nature
0037: or kind soever I give and bequeath unto William Toovey
0038: of Henley upon Thames aforesaid Gentleman his Executors
0039: and Administrators charged nevertheless with the Payment
0040: of the said Legacies and Annuity And I do hereby constitute
0041: and appoint the said William Toovey sole Executor of
0042: this my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof
0043: I the said Elizabeth Duncomb have hereunto set my
0044: hand and seal this twenty first day of July in the year
0045: of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and seventy five
0047: The Mark of X Elizabeth Duncomb [Seal]
0048: Signed sealed
0049: published and declared by the said Elizabeth Duncomb
0050: the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament
0051: in the presence of us who in her presence and at
0052: her request have hereunto set our Names as Witnesses
0053: James Orme
0054: Sam[uel] Toovey

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The spelling of the family name is consistently given as 'Duncomb' in this will. However, the Testatrix's late husband John uses 'Duncombe' in his will.