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Will of Buckland Sayer


  • 222: Wine, Spirit Merchant or Dealer


Distiller of Henley upon Thames

Document reference: ORO MSS Oxon Wills 152/2/11
First date: 22 January 1755
Probate date: 18 January 1757
Probate court:

Executors, Witnesses and Court Officials etc.

Executrix: Susana Branscomb
(The bequest from Buckland Sayer to Fridiswed Branscomb, daughter of John Branscomb, of Marlow may be a relative of Susana's who seems to have lived with Buckland.)
Witness: Simon Bartlett
Witness: Rich[ar]d Pratt
Witness: Eliz[abeth] Pratt
Court Official: John Bilstone
Court Official: John Bettesworth


To: Harry Sayer (Brother)

To my brother Harry Sayer one of my pictures as enamelled and drawn for me; also my silver watch and seal, and also my gun

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To: Ann Norton (Niece)

To Ann Norton, daughter of my sister Ann Norton, my pair of silver salts, as was my brother William Sayer's, also two old silver spoons each marked P.[↑S] E. and also a white enamel ring with my brother William Sayer's name on the outside of it with his age and when he died

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To: Fridiswed Branscomb

To Fridiswed Branscomb, daughter of John Branscomb of Marlow, six silver tea spoons marked B.S. also the silver tongs and strainer as belongs to them.

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To: Susana Branscomb

All the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal

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0001: In The Name of God a men, I Buckland
0002: Sayer of Henley upon Thames, in the County
0003: of Oxford Distiller and Citizen of London
0004: being of Sound Disposing mind memory and
0005: understanding, do make publish and Declare
0006: this my Last will and Testament in manner
0007: and form following (that is to Say) I ask for=
0008: giveness for all my Sins of almighty God
0009: And recommend my Soul to him in hopes of
0010: a Glorious Resirection at the Great Day of
0011: Judgment. My Body I Desier to be Desently
0012: Buried as I have Directed in wrighting on a nother
0013: Paper, Imprimis I give to my Brother Harry Sayer
0014: one of my Pictors as is Enameld as was Drawn
0015: for me. also my Sillver Watch and Seal, and
0016: also my Gun. Item I Give to Ann Norton
0017: Daughter of my Sister ann Norton, my Paire
0018: of Sillver Salts, as was my Brother W[illia]m Sayers,
0019: also Two old Sillver Spoones Each marked P.[↑S]E.
0020: and also a white Enameld Ring with my Brother
0021: W[illia]m Sayers Name on the out side of it, with his
0022: age and when he Died. Item I Give to Fridiswed
0023: Branscomb Daughter of John Branscomb, of
0024: Marlow, Six Sillver Tea Spoones marked B.S. also
0025: the Sillver Tongs & Straner as belongs to them.
0026: Item I appoint that all my Legaces to be paid
0027: by my Executrix hearin after Named, within
0028: Two months next after my Decease, Item
0029: I Constitute and appoint Susana Branscomb
0030: who now Lives with me, and who for her
0031: Constant Care to me, and oblidging in my
0032: Busniss, to be full and Sole Executrix of this
0033: my Last will and Testament, to whom after
0034: payment of all my Debts Legacys and Funi=
0035: all Expences, I Give and bequeath to her all
0036: my Goods Chattles Book Debts the rest and residue
0037: of my Estate (not hearing before giving) both
0038: real and personall, whatsoever & whaire soever
0039: and Lastly I revocke & hearby make void all former
0040: and other wills and Testaments, by me at any time
0041: heartofore made, and I do hearby Declare this
0042: onley to be my Last will and Testament, In witness
0043: hear of I the Said Buck[lan]d Sayer, the Testater, have
0044: to this my Last will and Testament Set my hand
0045: and Seal this Twenty Second Day of January in
0046: the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundread
0047: and fifty five
0048: Buckland Sayer
0049: Signed Sealed published and
0050: Declared in the Presence of
0051: us who have Set our Names as
0052: Witnesses hear unto
0053: Simon Bartlett
0054: Rich[ar]d Pratt
0055: Eliz[abeth] Pratt

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Seal covered probably for protection