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Will of Benjamin Sarney


  • 414: Status only, no stated occupation. Use for Widow, Gentleman, Esquire, Indweller etc., if no occupation is given.


Gentleman of Henley upon Thames

Document reference: TNA PROB 11/1059
First date: 12 July 1779
Probate date: 24 December 1779
Probate court: London

Executors, Witnesses and Court Officials etc.

Executor: Josiah Sarney
Relationship: Son
Witness: T Cooper
Witness: John Shipton
Witness: George Robinson
Court Official: Thomas Bever
Court Official: Peter Calvert


To: Josiah Sarney (Son)

To my son Josiah Sarney, my property in Bishopgate Street London, recently occupied by James Dalton and now by Richard Draper; together with the warehouse in the vine yard, Bishopgate Street, occupied by Richard Draper.  This bequest is charged with the payment of three annuities totalling twenty pounds and twelve shillings per annum.  Also to my son; all my household effects, furniture, linen and plate;  the residue of my estate which is charged with the payment of thirty pounds to my Mashman grandsons for apprenticeships.

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To: Eizabeth Benwell; Mary Mashman (Daughters)

To my daughter Elizabeth Benwell, an annuity of ten pounds eight shillings per annum for life, to be paid at the rate of four shillings each week, for her own use and not subject to her husband.  To my daughter Mary Mashman, an annuity of two pounds two shillings per annum for life, to be paid quarterly direct to her for her own use and not subject to her husband.  Both annuities to be paid out of the bequest to Josiah Sarney of property in London.

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To: Benjamin Mashman; Josiah Mashman; William Mashman (Grand son)

To my grandsons, Benjamin, Josiah and William Sarney, sons of my daughter Mary, an annuity of eight pounds two shillings per annum to be paid until the youngest reaches the age of 21.  My son Josiah to decide what is appropriate to be paid to them for their education, maintenance and support. The annuity to be paid out of the Bishopgate property bequeathed to Josiah Sarney.  In addition, from the residue of my estate, ten pounds each is to be used for the apprenticeships of my grandsons at the appropriate time

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To: Benjamin Sarney; Ann Sarney; Sarah Sarney (Grand children)

To my grandchildren, sons and daughters of my son James Sarney, thirty pounds to Benjamin, and ten pounds each to Ann and Sarah.  To be paid at the age of 21 years; but if they die before then, that share to go to the survivors.

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To: James Sarney (Son)

To my son James Sarney, one hundred pounds

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0001: In the Name of God Amen
0002: I Benjamin Sarney of Henley upon Thames in the County of
0003: Oxford Gentleman being Aged but of sound and disposing mind
0004: memory and understanding do make and ordain this my last
0005: Will and Testament in manner following (that is to say) First
0006: my Soul I recommend to Almighty God hoping for Salvation
0007: through the Merits of Jesus Christ and my Body I commit
0008: to the Earth to be decently and privately interred at the
0009: discretion of my Executor hereinafter named And as to my
0010: Worldly Estate and Effects wherewith it hath pleased God to
0011: bless me I dispose thereof as follows First I give devise and
0012: bequeath unto my Son Josiah Sarney his Heirs and Assigns all
0013: that my Messuage or Tenement with the Appurtenances in
0014: Bishopgate Street London late in the Tenure or occupation of
0015: James Dalton his Undertenants or Assigns and now of Richard
0016: Draper his Undertenants or Assigns And also all that warehouse
0017: late a Stable in the vine yard in Bishopgate Street aforesaid
0018: now also in the tenure or occupation of the said Richard Draper
0019: his Undertenants or Assigns to hold the same to and to the use
0020: of my said Son Josiah Sarney his Heirs and Assigns for ever
0021: subject nevertheless to and chargeable with the payment of
0022: the several Annuities Legacies Sum and Sums of Money herein
0023: after particularly mentioned (that is to say) one Annuity
0024: Yearly Rent Charge or Sum of ten Pounds and eight Shillings
0025: of lawful Money of Great Britain free and clear of all
0026: Taxes and Charges whatsoever unto my Daughter Elizabeth
0027: Benwell for and during the term of her natural life to be
0028: paid and payable to her by equal weekly payments of four
0029: Shillings per week for her sole and separate use to the intent
0030: that the same may not be at the disposal of or subject or
0031: liable to the Debts Controul Forfeitures or Engagements of
0032: her present or any after taken Husband but only at her
0033: Sole and separate disposal and for her sole and separate use
0034: and benefit And my Will is that the said Annuity or Rent
0035: charge of ten pounds and eight Shillings shall commence at
0036: the end of one Week next after my decease And also subject to
0037: and chargeable with one other Annuity Yearly Rent Charge
0038: or sum of two pounds and two Shillings unto my Daughter
0039: Mary Mashman for and during the term of her natural life
0040: to be paid to her by equal Quarterly payments on the four
0041: most usual Feasts or days of payment in the Year (that is
0042: to say) the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin
0043: Mary the Feast of Saint John the Baptist the Feast of Saint
0044: Michael the Archangel and the Feast of Saint Thomas the
0045: Apostle the first payment thereof to be made on the first of
0046: the said Feast Days which shall next happen after my decease
0047: which said last Mentioned Annuity I direct shall be paid into
0048: the proper hands of my said Daughter Mary Mashman for
0049: her own sole and separate use to the intent that the same
0050: may not be at the disposal of or subject or liable to the
0051: Controul Debts Forfeitures or Engagements of her present or
0052: any after taken husband but only at her sole and separate
0053: disposal and for her own sole and separate use and benefit
0054: And also subject to and chargeable with one other Annuity
0055: Yearly Rent or sum of Eight pounds and two Shillings of
0056: like lawful Money unto Benjamin Josiah and William
0057: Mashman the three Sons of my said Daughter Mary
0058: Mashman until the youngest of them shall attain the Age
0059: of twenty one years and no longer the same to be paid to
0060: them or applied by my said Son Josiah Sarney for their
0061: Maintenance Support and Education in such proportions
0062: manner and form as he my said Son shall think most
0063: serviceable for them I give and bequeath to my Son James
0064: Sarney the sum of one hundred Pounds of like lawful
0065: Money to be paid him within three Months next after
0066: my decease Also I give and bequeath unto Benjamin Ann
0067: and Sarah Sarney the three Children of my said Son James
0068: Sarney the sum of fifty Pounds of like lawful Money to be
0069: paid to them as they shall severally attain the Age of
0070: twenty one Years in the proportions following (that is to
0071: say) to the said Benjamin Sarney the sum of thirty pounds
0072: and to the said Ann Sarney and Sarah Sarney the sum of
0073: ten Pounds each And I hereby will and direct that in case
0074: either of them the said Benjamin Ann and Sarah Sarney
0075: shall die before he She or they shall have attained their
0076: said Age of twenty one years that then the share or shares
0077: of him her or them so dying shall go and be paid to the
0078: Survivors or Survivor of them Share and Share alike Also I
0079: give and bequeath unto my said Son Josiah Sarney all my
0080: Household Goods Household Linen Plate Furniture and
0081: Implements of Household And I also give devise and bequeath
0082: unto him my said Son Josiah Sarney his Heirs Executors
0083: and Administrators All the rest and residue of my real and
0084: Personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever not
0085: hereinbefore by me disposed of to hold the same to and to
0086: the use of my said Son Josiah Sarney his Heirs Executors
0087: Administrators and Assigns for ever to and for his and their
0088: own use and benefit he paying or applying thereout the sum
0089: of ten pounds to each of my said Grand Children Benjamin
0090: Josiah and William Mashman towards putting them
0091: Apprentice when they shall be of Proper Age to be bound
0092: Apprentices And Lastly I do hereby revoke and make void all
0093: former and other Will and Wills by me at any time heretofore
0094: made and declare this and no other to be my true last Will
0095: and Testament and hereof do appoint my said son Josiah
0096: Sarney Sole Executor In Witness whereof I the said Benjamin
0097: Sarney the Testator have to this my last Will and Testament
0098: contained in two sheets of paper to each Sheet set my hand
0099: and Seal this twelfth day of July in the year of our Lord
0100: one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine
0102: Benj[ami]n Sarney [Seal]
0103: Signed Sealed published and declared by the said
0104: Benjamin Sarney the Testator as and for his last Will
0105: and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence
0106: and at his request and in the presence of each other have
0107: subscribed our names as Witnesses hereto the words "And
0108: hereof do appoint my said Son Josiah Sarney sole Executor"
0109: being first Interlined
0111: T Cooper
0112: Jno Shipton
0113: Geo[rge] Robinson

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