Providing historical probate information for people from the Henley area

WordPress update to version 4.9.7

WordPress has been successfully updated to version 4.9.7.

The website environment has been changed to allow the use of SSL  to encrypt transmissions between the webserver and the user using the LetsEncrypt certification authority.

This website can be accessed by any user without providing any personal data. It is ludicrous for Google and Co. to claim that this website is unsafe. If you have any  concerns, precede the website address with “https://”. This will bring up the green padlock and Google and Co, will agree that this website is secure. Do be aware, however, that the https protocol will be slower, use more electricity, increase global warming and cost you time and money!

It is probably worse than the European Union’s “Cookie Policy” for waste of resources.

Do please forgive this mild rant from an 84-year-old with over 60 years experience of computers.