Providing historical probate information for people from the Henley area

Custom taxonomies

Custom taxonomies are used to assign “terms” or “key data” to wills and individual bequests.

For wills two taxonomies are used:

  • Occupation: The occupation or status of the testator. More than one term can be assigned.
  • Location: The place of residence of the testator. This taxonomy is hierarchical so that the place of residence can be defined to an individual house as in Oxfordshire -> Henley upon Thames -> Duke Street -> Queens Arms.

For Bequests three taxonomies are available:

  • Bequest Type: More than one term can be assigned. Types include property, land, household goods, etc and also can be used to identify bequests that are made in trust or are codicils.
  • Location: Used only for property or land and shared with wills.
  • Names: Used to identify legatees and any other persons mentioned in the bequest.

When a will or bequest is displayed, the “terms” assigned are listed as links on the right side of the display. Clicking a link will retrieve a list of all wills and/or bequests that have been assigned that particular “term”. For example, if an occupation of “Malster” is assigned to a testator, clicking that term will retrieve a list of wills of all Malsters in the database. Similarly, if the location “New Street” is assigned to a bequest of property, clicking that term will retrieve a list of property in New Street bequeathed in other wills, with the possibility of following the ownership of property over time.